The Best Dog Beds for Puppies

When puppies aren’t playing or eating, they are sleeping. Sleep is an important part of a puppy’s life because most growing occurs during this time. Also, a well-rested puppy is a healthy puppy. You want to make sure that your puppy is comfortable and has a bed to call his own.

Why does a puppy need their own bed?

Puppy beds are important because it provides a safe place for your pup in which to fall asleep. This way, he can avoid many dangers while napping and can experience uninterrupted sleep. When puppies are woken up prematurely, or during deeper stages of sleep like REM sleep, they can develop health problems and poor growth.

Puppy beds also help to keep pups off of your furniture. It may be cute when your Great Dane puppy sleeps on your couch at just 15 or 20 pounds, but it is much more difficult to break the habit when he is weighing over 100 pounds! Also, having his own bed may help to keep the peace between him and other dogs in your home. If he has his own bed, he may be less likely to “steal” someone else’s bed.

Different types of dog beds

There are many different pet beds from which to choose. Most beds involve a soft cushion for a base and then may be open or enclosed with a long, thin stretch of pillow called a bolster. The cushion could also be firm for more support, especially with large and giant breed puppies. If the dog bed is low-lying and flat, it may be ideal to place inside of a crate.

For puppies that get too hot inside of a dog bed, there are a few options. Some traditional beds now have a gel-cooling layer inside of them so that your pup can stay comfortable. If this doesn’t help, there are hammock-style beds with a mesh fabric that is lifted off the ground by a thin plastic or metal frame. It allows for cool air to rush under the bed while your dog sleeps.

What do you need in a puppy bed?

Puppy beds should be comfortable, ensuring that yours will actually use it! If your puppy insists on trying to sleep in your bed (but you don’t want him to), try keeping the dog bed right next to yours so that he feels close to you. Beds that make them feel safe and secure are also important.

Since puppies have accidents from time to time, the bed should be easy to clean. And since most young puppies are constantly teething, the puppy bed should be made from durable materials that are difficult to destroy!

The Best Dog Beds for Puppies

BuddyRest Romeo Orthopedic Bolster dog bed

Most dogs love bolster beds. A bolster is a cushioned pillow that is positioned around the edges of a dog bed. Most pups like to rest their head on the edge of their dog bed just like people lay their heads on pillows at night. The suede fabric that covers the bed is water-resistant and helps minimize the entrapment of odor-causing bacteria.

This particular bolster bed has bolsters on three of the four edges, and the bed itself is comprised of memory foam. However, rather than using old-school memory foam that traps body heat and causes discomfort, there is a gel-cooling layer in this bed so that your pup doesn’t feel overheated when he sleeps. This is especially important for large breed dogs that run hot.

The only downside to purchasing a bed for a puppy is that yours may outgrow his bed over time. This may be the case if you have a large or giant breed puppy. Keep this in mind when purchasing a dog bed for your canine companion. If possible, you may need to buy a larger size so that he can grow into it. The beds come in medium, large, and extra-large.

Luxe Pup Lynx Round dog bed

The Luxe pup lynx dog bed is unlike other beds in that it is a round disc with no bolster on the sides. This may be ideal for the dog who likes to stretch out and doesn’t like being confined by beds with bolsters. It may also be utilized as a comfy pillow for your pup, and it may even function as a place for your cats to snuggle up with your dog!

While your dog probably doesn’t pay attention to the design or style, the coloring of the bed fits almost any design scheme in your home. It is a sturdy bed with Kevlar double-stitched threads so that it stands up to even the most tenacious of bed chewers. The cushion is very supportive, and the cover comes off for easy cleaning.

The pup lynx dog bed is available in extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. Therefore, if you have a large or giant breed puppy, he may eventually outgrow the bed. He might still use the bed as a fancy pillow, but he will need a bed upgrade at some point.

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