2 | Terrier mix | Female

34 Lbs


The dog that comes with her own throne! This goofy, cuddly girl has a heart of gold and will fill your home with love.


She loves to play with her ball, splash around in the hose, do zoomies on the daily, go for long walks and explore, and, most of all, CUDDLE! Despite her love of exercise, Penelope is actually pretty mellow and would choose snuggles over just about anything! She’s a total lap dog and will melt into your lap as long as you let her.


Penelope is potty trained, leash trained, and crate trained (we weren’t kidding when we said she was perfect). So you’re wondering why she’s on a site for special needs dogs? Well Penelope has a condition called Megaesophagus. Basically her esophagus doesn’t coordinate the movement of food into her stomach properly, causing regurgitation if not fed properly. She has been well trained to eat in her special throne called a Bailey Chair, which allows her to sit up and digest food. So what does that mean for you as a potential adopter? Penelope eats breakfast and dinner in her chair for 30 mins per meal with a few prescription meds. No treats or snacks unless she’s sitting up, and when she plays too hard or gets too excited she spits up a little bit (but not actual vomit).


But we promise! Her goofy personality and huge heart make me well worth it! She’s the most special girl who will bring so much joy to your life.


We are helping our friends at The Animal Pad in finding Penelope a home, so let us know if you’d like to set up an introduction!


See Penelope in action!





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