No dog should be denied a chance to bring their hearts to a home simply because they are older or different.


Lend a paw - foster a dog while we grow!

As we eagerly anticipate the completion of our new adoption center, the urgency to rescue dogs from the threat of euthanasia has never been greater. By becoming an “Unconditional Foster Parent,” you’ll be offering a haven where our furry friends can recuperate, feel cherished, and prepare for their forever homes. We handle all medical care, supplies, and food – all we ask from you is your love and care. Join us in this rewarding mission and make a lasting difference in a dog’s life.



Rescue is a team sport

Unconditional has been partnering with local shelters and rescues since 2022 to help promote senior and special dogs. We highlight the dogs that need some extra help finding their forever homes by featuring them on our website, coordinating professional photography and videos, inviting them to our adoption events, and more. Learn more about these wonderful dogs and their inspiring stories. Let’s meet your match!

Adoptable Dogs


Making Dog Adoption Personal and Stress-Free

At Unconditional, we understand that finding a new furry companion can be a daunting task. With numerous shelters and each with its own set of rules, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve created Pawfect Match, a program dedicated to simplifying the dog adoption process, especially for those looking to provide a loving home to senior and special needs dogs.


How It Works:

  • Personal Consultation: We begin with a phone consultation to understand your preferences – size, gender, activity level, and more. This helps us in searching for your ideal dog from local shelters.
  • Curated Options: Based on your preferences, we’ll send you a selection of dogs to consider.
  • Virtual Visits: We then arrange to visit the dogs at their shelters and conduct a video chat with you. This allows you to see the dogs’ personalities firsthand, making your decision easier and more informed.
  • Health Check: Once you’ve made your choice, we ensure the dog receives a thorough examination at our vet. For those with other pets at home, particularly if they are immunocompromised, we offer a quarantine option.
  • Home Delivery and Integration: We personally deliver your new companion to your home. Our team assists in introducing them to any existing pets and provides two weeks’ worth of food to help you get started.
  • Ongoing Support: Adoption is just the beginning. As part of the Unconditional family, we remain available to support you and your new dog as they adjust to their forever home.


Pawfect Match isn’t just about finding a home for a dog; it’s about creating the perfect union between a dog in need and a loving family. Let us help you find your Pawfect Match!

Find Your Match!


Because all dogs deserve More Life, More Years, & More Love

Unconditional is proud to be a JustFoodForDogs Adoption Project partner! This program allows the special pups in our care to have access to the highest quality nutrition. When you adopt from Unconditional, you will be provided with two weeks of fresh food meals at no cost and will have access to ongoing support from the Adoption Project team.

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