Adopt, Don’t Shop!

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Unconditional Rescue Advocates for Adopting a Dog

You’ve likely come across the phrase “adopt, don’t shop” before. This concept has inspired millions of people to open their hearts and homes to dogs in need. If you’re considering adding a new furry companion to your family, it’s crucial to understand the significant reasons why adopting a dog from a shelter is a more impactful choice than buying one from a breeder.

 Overpopulation and Its Consequences:

 The growing number of stray animals and shelter dogs across Orange County, often abandoned pets or victims of neglect and cruelty, highlights the urgent need for adoption. Overpopulation leads to overcrowded shelters struggling to meet the needs of countless animals. Unfortunately, due to limited space and resources, many dogs are euthanized despite their potential for a loving home. 

By choosing to adopt rather than buy a pet, you’ll have a significant impact on the overpopulation crisis. Each time a dog is adopted, space is freed up in the shelter for another animal in need.

 Breaking the Cycle of Puppy Mills:

Puppy mills, where pet stores source their puppies, subject animals to unsafe, unhealthy, and uncomfortable conditions. Dogs in these mills live in small cages, devoid of adequate space, clean water, and proper care.

Adopting a shelter pet means you reject the practices of puppy mills. This affirms that the well-being of animals matters more than convenience or profit. By adopting, you help end the suffering of dogs in these terrible places.

The Downside of Breeding:

dogs up for adoptionPeople who want to get a dog often have a specific breed in mind. That’s when they will resort to using a breeder to get the exact dog that they want. In reality, you can find a purebred in the shelter, so it’s not impossible to find what you want! And if your local shelter doesn’t have any purebreds, consider adopting a mixed breed with your desired breed in them! Mixed breeds are actually healthier than purebreds, and they live longer due to their genetic diversity! You’ll be adopting a dog with some husky in it (or any breed you love), while also getting a happier and healthier dog too! Sounds like a win-win!

Let’s not forget about backyard breeding either. A “backyard breeder” is an amateur animal breeder who doesn’t uphold standard breeding practices. They also give little to no effort towards conducting ethical breeding.

Another con to breeding is that breeders will dump their dogs at the shelter when they are done having babies. That also includes the puppies that are born with defects and are not profitable. So using a breeder to get your dog creates an unhealthy supply and demand for more dogs in the world. It also perpetuates the overpopulation issue in shelters.

 The Cost-Effective Choice of Adoption:

 Adopting a dog from a shelter can be significantly less expensive than buying one from a breeder. This is because shelters are mainly concerned about the well-being of the animals and finding them a home, while breeders view their dogs as products and run their operations to make money. The adoption fee at shelters often covers some important things that you would have to pay for separately if you bought a dog from a breeder. These can include the cost of getting the dog spayed or neutered, its first vaccinations, and a microchip (a tiny device put under the dog’s skin so you can find it if it gets lost).

 Knowing Your Perfect Match:

When you rescue a dog from a shelter, you typically already have an idea of what their personality is like. This makes the dog adopting process that much easier! Understanding the dog’s characteristics increases the chances of a successful adoption, minimizing the likelihood of the dog being returned to the shelter.

Giving Second Chances:

dad and son with a dogAdopting a dog is not just about welcoming a pet into your home; it’s about saving a life, standing against cruelty, and choosing love and companionship over profit and convenience. By adopting, you make a powerful statement about the world you want to live in—a world where empathy and compassion shine, and every animal is valued and cherished. You’ll be giving a deserving dog a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life, showing them that trust and love are possible after a challenging start.

 Adoption isn’t merely a kinder choice—it’s also a responsible and rewarding one. Embracing the “adopt, don’t shop” philosophy is a call to action that can transform lives, both for the dogs and their human companions. By adopting, you embody love, kindness, and respect for all living beings. Welcome a new pet into your life and make a lasting impact through adoption.

If you have decided to adopt a dog but want to learn more on how to pick the right one, check out our article on how to choose the perfect rescue pet.

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