Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets for Young People

woman hugging her senior dog

Why Senior Dogs Are Great for Young People

There are so many reasons why older dogs make an excellent match for the younger generation. So, let’s explore why senior dogs and young people are a pairing that we should celebrate and encourage!

Less Training Required

Young people, especially those in urban environments or pursuing education and careers, often have very packed schedules. They’re so busy that they don’t have the time to train a puppy! Luckily, senior dogs usually come trained, understanding basic commands and house rules. This can be a huge relief for someone who might not have the time or experience to train a puppy from scratch.

Matched Energy Levels

We can all agree that, contrary to popular belief, not all young people have boundless energy. Most can’t even function in the morning without at least 2 cups of coffee! These are the kinds of young people who prefer a more laid-back lifestyle, especially after a grueling work day or week. Senior dogs, with their calmer demeanor, fit right into this lifestyle. You’re more likely to enjoy a relaxing evening with an older dog by your side than with a hyperactive puppy.

Fewer Surprises

With an older dog, what you see is usually what you get. Their size, temperament, and behavior are well-established, which means a young person can choose a dog that fits well with their living situation and lifestyle. Choosing the perfect rescue dog is a big decision, after all, and you want to make sure you are adopting the best dog for you. For more tips on adopting the right dog, check out our blog on how to choose the perfect rescue pet. 

Instant Companionship

One of the challenges that many young people face today is loneliness. Whether it’s due to moving to a new city for a job or the increasingly digital nature of social interactions, many want a genuine companionship. Senior dogs can offer that. With their years of experience, they can provide an immediate and special relationship (and they won’t gossip behind your back or leave you for their ex). 


Young people are often on a budget, and puppies can be expensive with initial vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and training. Senior dogs, having passed these stages, can often be a more cost-effective option. Plus any adoption fees that come with rescuing a senior dog are going towards helping more dogs in need. This is much more satisfying than giving money to a breeder who is just going to use the money towards making more puppies (and trust us, the world doesn’t need more of that). 

Less Commitment

Let’s face it, the time you’ll have with an older dog is much shorter than the 10+ year commitment of a puppy or young dog. Although this may be sad to think about, it also may be beneficial to the younger generation out there. Not many people in their 20s or 30s know what their life will look like in 10 years, so adopting a dog with less of a time commitment is the more practical choice for this stage in life. 

Making a Difference

Adopting a senior dog can be a life-changing decision—not just for the adopter but for the dog as well. Young individuals often want to make a positive impact in the world, and giving an older dog a loving home in their golden years is a heartwarming way to do so.

For instance, did you know that adopting a dog can actually benefit the environment? Check out this article by The Kind Pet to learn more about how adopting an animal helps the environment.  

Hey Young People, Adopt a Senior Dog!

While puppies are undeniably cute and full of life, senior dogs can benefit a young person so much more. Senior dogs are not just pets; they’re treasures that offer instant companionship, and fit seamlessly into the lifestyles of many young people. So, if you’re a young individual yearning for a genuine connection or looking to make an impact, consider adopting a senior dog. It’s a decision that will enrich your life in more ways than you can imagine.

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